Secondary storage case "K" for VRIS 1/200, 2/200


USE Special box "K" to VRIS 1/200, 2/200 is used for connection from underground distribution network to external distribution network. It is terminal box for fixation of cable by the help of SONAP clamp.


The box is made of steel sheet thick 1,5 mm, hot-dip galvanized. 3 protective piping (stuck together with cases - it's possible to remove it according to use the box) come through the cover of the box. The bottom of the box and lower moulding of the door are removable. Then it is possible to mount the special box =K= on lower cable terminal. The door of the box has a dip flash symbol according to STN 34 5550. The production sign is on the lateral side of the box, scheme of connection and protective sign "ATTENTION - REVERSE CURRENT" are on the back side of the door. Instrumentation is made by fuse bases SP 2. The support moulding is welded to lateral side of the box. The medium and protective bus bar is marked according to STN 34 0165. Protective terminal is signed by earthing symbol according to STN 34 5550. Conductors are connected to fuse bases by the help of cable springes. Shock protection according to STN 34 1010 by zero adjusting or earthing. In case of protection by earthing it is necessary to disconnect the connection between the medium and protecting bus bar M 10. The boxes are suplied completely assembled without carver fuses and locks. Every piece of product is tested. The test covered verification of making and functional test, metering of insulating resistance and test by applied voltage.

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