Connecting boxes for a column SP.S 0

Prípojková skriňa na stĺp SP.S O


Rated voltage 500 V Supply line cable, max 35 mm2
Nominal frequency 50 Hz Method of fastening on concrete column
Rated current 63 A Nominal dimensions 360 x 295 x 150 mm
Short-circuit resistance 10 kA Instrumentation 3 fuse bases EZ 33, VPS 63
Protection class IP43 Bus bar medium, protective with screws M8 and M6
Type of connection for terminal connection Door closure according to STN 35 97 54

Protection of non-live parts

zero adjusting or earhing

IEC 60439-5


SP.S 0 connecting box for a column is used for terminal connection of cable distribution network up to 500 V, 63 A, 50 Hz by conductors of up to 35 mm2 and protection of the supply line from extension line to distribution point.


The box is made of steel sheet thick 1,5 mm, hot-dip galvanized. The cable grommets for terminals are in lower side. The protective tube for supply line is on the upper side. The holder for fastening on a column is part of box. The support lath of fuses is welded to the lateral sides of the box. The door of the box has a dip flash symbol according to STN 34 5550. The box is locked by a lock according to STN 35 9754.


The belt for fastening on concrete column is included in the supply The key to lip locks and plug cartridges are not included in the supply.

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